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Franz Schreier, CEO

From physicist to gardener

Franz Schreier is a physicist who, with his company ebf GmbH, advises industry and large commercial enterprises on energy management issues. For several years now he has been working on the question of how to integrate good energy management into food production.

With the Sun Light Greenhouse, Franz Schreier and his ebf GmbH have developed and realized a new type of greenhouse concept, which has met with great national and international acclaim. Together with ebf Japan and ebf USA as well as other international partners – for example from Israel and China – he has built up a broad network to realize his innovative ideas with the help of various experts.

With the purchase of a nursery in Bürstadt and the founding of FSB Four Season Biosphere GmbH, he has created the environment for the further development of innovative greenhouse technologies and integrated cultivation systems.


Telefon: +49 6251 987352 -11

David Volk, Greenhouse development manager

David Volk is a physicist who has been working as a project engineer in the field of energy management at ebf GmbH since 2015. Since 2018, he has been in charge of greenhouse development and is thus responsible for the development of the Sunlight Greenhouse and related projects.

In the last years his work was focused on the project development of roof greenhouses within the GROOF project and the related realization of the Food & Energy Campus concept in the ebf nursery. The first construction phases of this visionary project will be tackled in the near future and will establish an economically and ecologically sustainable nursery with social approaches.

The campus should serve as a community center and provide a place where people can learn about food production and give themselves the opportunity to take responsibility for their own food security.

In this context, we work together with schools and kindergartens in order to familiarize even the youngest members of our society with the cultivation of food and to counteract the alienation of people in the industrial nations from their own food.


Telefon: +49 6251 987352 -12

Damian Diogo, Carpenter

Damian Diogo, a prospective master carpenter, has been in charge of the structural aspects of the roof greenhouse at EBF since 2020. With his technical expertise, he supports the construction of the roof greenhouse within the GROOF project in Bürstadt.

Thanks to his experience in the field of woodworking and his wealth of ideas, another of his fields of activity is the development of a prefabricated wall element made of sustainable, recyclable building materials. For this purpose he conducts experiments in the test area in Bürstadt.


David Schäfer, Gärtnerdude

David Volk ist Physiker, der seit 2015 im Bereich des Energiemanagements in der ebf GmbH als Projektingenieur tätig ist. Seit 2018 hat er die Leitung der Gewächshausentwicklung übernommen und ist damit Verantwortlich für die Entwicklung des Sunlight Greenhouse und den damit verbundenen Projekten.

In den letzten Jahren war seine Arbeit auf die Projektentwicklung von Dachgewächshäusern im Rahmen des GROOF Projekts und der damit einhergehenden Realisierung des Food & Energy Campus Konzepts in der ebf Gärtnerei fokusiert. Die ersten Bauabschnitte dieses visionären Projekts werden in naher Zukunft angegangen und werden einen ökonomisch und ökologisch nachhaltigen Gärtnereibetrieb mit sozialen Ansätzen etablieren.